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• Rice
• Green peas
• Green beans
• Carrots
• Green pepper
• Curry powder
• Thyme
• Sweet corn
• Meat (chicken, beef, goat meat, turkey)
• Onion
• Any fried rice spice
• Pepper (grounded)
• Salt to taste
• Liver (from chicken or goat meat)
•Ginger powder
• Garlic powder
• Seasoning cubes
• Peel or scrape the outer skin off the carrot, wash and slice into cube. Wash the green beans and cut as well. Wash the green pepper, remove the seeds inside and slice. Chop the onions and soak the green beans in hot water for 5min and sieve out.
• Wash the meat and liver thoroughly and steam using seasoning cubes, onions, salt, pepper, curry and thyme and allow to simmer until it’s tender. Fry the meat, and cut the liver into cubes then set aside.
•Wash the rice using salt and water and wash. The salt helps to make the rice not to stick together. Allow to boil for 5min. Don’t allow the rice to over done. Once it’s done pour into a Sieve and wash using cold water. While washing, pour the rice into a Sieve to remove excess water. Instead of per-boiling the rice with water, if you are using basmati, Jasmine or neatly de-stoned rice, wash very well with salt and boil with the meat stock.
• Heat the vegetable oil in a pot or pan and pour in the onion, stir for some seconds and add your carrots, green peas, green beans, green pepper, liver and stir for 2min. Add the curry powder, garlic powder, and half tablespoon of the fried rice spice and stir. Add the seasoning cubes, salt to taste and small amount of pepper if necessary and stir. Lastly add the sweet corn. Do this on a low heat
• Pour the rice into ingredients on fire and stir until all ingredients are combined. Allow it simmer or low heat for awhile and then bring down

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